Writing in the dust

From dust to dust. Thats what religious people say. We had our origin in the dust of the earth and will return to dust as our bodies decay. I once heard about a kid, upon observing the amount of dust under the bed, said to his mother “I don’t know which, but there is either someone coming or going under there.” Well I don’t know if the same principles apply to the creative process but it always seems like something is coming up and something else is winding down. The cycles of creativity are a whirlwind, stirring up old things in new ways, and new things built on old skills.

Thus is this blog. It’s time to dust it off and experience once more the daily thrill of creating and the disappointment of low readership. The high of having your voice to heard to the low of realizing you’re the only one who heard it. It’s a lonely trek, but a beautiful one – the beauty often realized in the landscape that is created over time, not just in a single image, memory or story.

I took a trip going nowhere this weekend. I was to fly with my husband as he had his first leg as a captain for his airline. His trip was cancelled. Sometimes I wonder if blogging is like a trip that goes nowhere. However, I have decided, that unlike a trip with a specific destination, a blog is meant to meander and wander, making sharp turns and unexpected dips. It is meant to have slow starts and abrupt stops. It is unpredictable. And so I embark on the journey for another season of discovery. Thanks for walking with me.