Unveiled and Unashamed

I am updating my privacy policy to make it easier for you to understand the information my mind and emotions collect and how God is healing and helping me day after day.

I have taken steps to improve my definition of privacy to ensure my own emotions and heart are safeguarded while sharing my life with others. I vow to write honestly, boldly, and without fear of failure or judgement. I have set my privacy settings so that I don’t hold on to secrets that make me sick or share stories that intentionally wound others. I will make every effort to honor my soul’s quest to be real and honest with others.

Nothing is changing about your current settings or how your information is processed. This is about my decision to improve the way I describe my life and practices. I acknowledge I can only be responsible for myself, my words and my actions.

I am making these updates not in relation to new regulations in the European Union but as a renewed personal commitment to live honestly and bravely as a woman of faith and intention, with the hope that we can walk an unveiled, unashamed, and full life together.