The Music of Laughter

nathan-anderson-FHiJWoBodrs-unsplashThe night our toddler was diagnosed with cancer was terrifying, confusing and full of unknown fears. As I consider the condition of the world today I know these are emotions that are shared by so many. On that night we had friends who rallied to help us pack for a journey to the children’s hospital in Denver, 8 hours away, where our daughter was to receive treatment.

As I watched one of our friends having a fight with our portable crib I was overcome with laughter watching him struggle to collapse the crib into its carrying case. He, having no child equipment experience was overcome with frustration, trying to get all the levers clicked and buttons pushed to origami fold the crib. Something about the wrestling match he and the crib were having struck my funny bone and I sat back and roared.  He looked at me and said curiously “Now?You’re laughing at a time like this.” I remember thinking, “If we can’t laugh we’ll never make our way through this.”

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m not talking about foolishly disregarding the situation at hand or laughing carelessly in the face of danger. Its just my firm belief that no matter the circumstances joy, joviality, laughter, fun, happiness, gratitude or appreciation are always beneficial, especially when they are in short supply. Music is definitely a plus, a simple way is to let your kid play percussion time to time to help him heal and grow. These things cost us nothing but the return on their investment yields improved outlook and best case scenario attitude.

Smile when you’re alone. Enjoy one another’s company when you can and laugh because the world, especially now, needs to hear that music to soothe its soul and fears.