The Essentials

There are three big, old fashioned clear glass jars on my kitchen counter. They hold the glue, the essentials, of my diet.  Dark brown, rich, oily, coffee beans, bright white sushi rice and warm yellow popcorn kernels. These three things are important enough in our house that if a jars is empty it inspires near panic and a hurried run to the store.  These are staple foods in our home.

As I was near rushing to the store the other day because one of the three was running on empty I began to wonder what the other essentials are in my life. What can I not live without? Does my introvert need companionship? Does my extroverted side need more rest and calm? Do I fill my emotions jar with love so there is plenty to share with others?Is there enough peace in my life that it overflows, tempting others to pick up the excess deliciousness? Has the aroma of my faith wafted through the rooms of my life, tempting others desire the same?

During this season of the busyness of celebration there would be no greater gift to share with those around me than to to have enough of the emotional and spiritual essentials filling my life that my life overflows over onto the people I love.   This is my hope and prayer.

Merry Christmas.