Reflect your success

I began my day at 2:30 a.m., already looking forward to my afternoon nap at home. After 12 hours of travel, one unexpected airport change and a blizzard suspending my travel home I was beat, tired, and hopeless. And if I am being honest, probably a little smelly. I was planning to spend the night in the airport because two things were clearly out of my control – airplanes and the weather.

Do you ever feel like you have run into impossible delays in life? Obstacles that threaten your goals, dreams or even your life?
I ran into an obstacle four years ago that almost took my family, took a career I loved and tore at the sense of self that I had spent over forty years building. I felt like everything that was important to me had been hijacked by a devastating mental health diagnosis.

Today I spent the morning setting goals for myself that four years ago I would never thought possible because I had felt so defeated. Today, I encourage you to look at your daunting obstacles not as game enders but rather as mirrors that help you by reflecting the changes and adjustments you will need to make to reach the next step.

Do not let obstacles be a reflection of your defeat but rather mile markers towards your success. Don’t give up – don’t give in – dream big.