PTF – Episode #50 Warrior Cici Owen

My guest Cici Owen has been a warrior her entire life.

She was born in 1958 to a white mother, who abandoned her after her family discovered the father was black.

She endured emotional and physical abuse in the ghettos of Newark, NJ and the surrounding areas, where she was shuffled from one dysfunctional home to another.

She desperately wanted to be loved and shown love but was rejected at home and school.

At the age of 14, she ran away to live on the streets of Newark and New York, where she learned the martial arts to protect herself as a homeless teen.

The martial arts provided the emotional and mental strength essential to develop the determination and resilience she would later need as a black female in white male dominated professions.

Her life has been marked by rejection and abandonment, but the lessons God taught her through the martial arts crafted her into a relentless fighter for good.