PTF Episode #110 – Treveal Lynch I am the Possible

By the grace of God, Treveal endured the emotional stress of growing up overweight, stuttering, being bullied, being molested, having no father/mother in the home, becoming addicted to drugs/alcohol by 18, dropping out of college and becoming homeless by 19, a violent criminal by 20, incarcerated several times by 21 and who at his lowest point, with a gun to his head, was willing to give his life for a $120 bag of weed.

Today, Treveal is a Husband of 22 yrs., a Father of 4 Amazing Children, a Self-Worth Specialist, an Ordained/Associate Pastor, Mentor, Corporate Leader (16 yrs.), 2x Certified Personal Trainer, 3x Published Author, Inspirational Speaker, Podcast Host, Certified Life Coach and Business Owner w/ a 6 figure annual income.

Treveal’s life’s story exemplifies the radical transformation, sense of self-worth and quality of life that anyone can experience when they learn to see WHAT they truly are!