Over feeding the soul

I have shingles. I thought this was an old people’s malady so maybe I’m older than I thought. Shingles is painful, irritating and slower to move on to its next victim than a volcanic mountain growing out of the ocean. Slower than a glacier carving out a mountain. Slower than waiting for my far flung children to arrive on my doorstep. Slower than my long suffering struggle to pull lycra on over my thighs to go to the gym.  Slow.

My doctor recommended I get a particular cream to put on the sores to aid the healing of the blisters. While the pharmacist was helping me find this elixir of healing she asked me, “are you sure you want that? The main ingredient in that cream is found in hot peppers. It burns a lot when you put it on.” HELL no, you crazy woman! I want something that is soothing, calming, and cooling. I’m not trying to anger my skin. I’m trying to tame it! After choosing an alternative cream which promised to lull my nerves back into submission I sat in the parking lot of the pharmacy slathering it on like peanut butter on bread.

Too often I choose things in my daily life that upset my nerves.  Being too busy, being around too many people for too long, taking on others burdens or responsibilities or eating something I know will cause my stomach to rebel. I think I can beat the system, tough it out and buck the tide of what my God-given, creator designed body needs. Instead of choosing health, I choose to live with the consequences of trying to pull myself up by the bootstraps and power through.

For some time now I have been trying a different course of action. Working out, listening to my body and over feeding my soul until it oozes peace and contentment. I still don’t make the right choice all the time, but often enough that I recognize the marks irritating mis-steps can leave on my day.

Its time to choose what gives us life everyday, not what drains it.