Life’s Delicate Balance

I got a mid morning gym work out in and burned 350 calories. But now I’m hungry and want to eat 3000 calories.  I’m considering for settling for a cool 2000 calorie breakfast. Such is the stuff of life.  Weighing and measuring for balance.

Balance is an elusive concept.  We work, play and yes, eat, with abandon.  We go hard at everything, often without recognizing the costliness of living a life of imbalance. I can work out all I want but if my food intake is too great or too little in comparison to my calorie burning it will lead to a unwanted weight loss or gain in my body. I can stress myself out and expend all my energy but if I don’t replenish or recharge myself I’m left spent.  I have the freedom to use all my time giving to others but if I forget to express generosity and care to myself my mental health and emotional health suffers.

I once heard someone say the self-care is not a Biblical concept which I respectfully disagree with.  Caring for ourselves mentally, spiritually and physically is crucial to our experience as believer. Scripture is replete with examples of heroes of faith, even Jesus himself taking time to pray, meditate, eat and rest.  My ability to care for and maintain this flawed, earthy body I have been gifted with is directly related to my honoring Christ.

There are seasons in life where we are called on to give sacrificially to those around us but in order to retain a sustainable life of worship we need to balance those times with active and intentional care of self.  In my opinion this isn’t about living life selfishly but about living wisely using the resources available to us.

So, I continue to press on towards delicately balancing my life with an active reminder in my spirit to give and act generously to those in need, including myself.