Day 93

Day 93 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.

Day 93

My house has been filled with beautiful young ladies for the past two weeks.  Their beauty supplies are every where. EVERY WHERE. Ulta and Sephora got nothing on the Riley house this week.  The girls spend countless hours on their makeup and on their eye shadow.They appear to be having so much fun. So I got inspired.  I went to the store. A misplaced Australian gal sat me in a chair and showed me some “simple” eye makeup techniques.  While it looked simple. My first solo flight proved  this is harder than one might think. Miss Australia might as well have been giving me instructions on how to rebuild an engine. The result was not great. I think all the parts and pieces ended up being used in the wrong places and, reminiscent of my mommy lego building career, there were several unused parts at the end of the build.  Sigh.  

This isn’t my first rodeo with makeup.  Right before I got married I went to a makeup counter in Seattle and asked a gal to show me some “pretty asian eye” looks.  Girlfriend mistook me for a Cirque Du Soleil performer or something. She immediately deemed me “exotic” and dug into her blue eye shadow and sparkles.  She turned me into a glorious peacock. Needless to say she and I didn’t have a long term relationship.  What IS it about people and colored girls with makeup?  Just because we’re  brown, red or yellow does not mean we’re exotic. Gurl! I’m about as exotic as a goldfish –  kind of bright but not too flashy.  

Anyway, I have tried eye makeup on now for three days. I’m trying to “play” and “enjoy” myself. “There are no mistakes” said the clearly drunk Australian . . . So I play. I experiment. I’m Picasso. I’m Bob Ross. Broad strokes, fine lines. I paint. Happy little trees for days. Did I take a wrong turn here?

I have several friends who sell makeup for a living. There are relatives who are beautiful and appear to know what to do with these brushes and colors. Perhaps one of them should save me from myself. I have even watched tutorials on Youtube. Sorcery. All of it.

In the mean time, if you see a new me walking through your door please refrain from bursting out laughing.  Cause then I would laugh. Laughter causes tears and then the artistry would be ruined.  Or helped.  Nobody knows. Either way this exotic bird is one makeup swipe away from extinction.