Day 87

Day 87 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.

Today they practiced getting married. I think they got it down.  I practiced getting married 24 years ago and it worked. I got married. But there is no practice on how to be married.  We tell our kids that they shouldn’t date until they are within 2 years of being able to be married, because dating is preparation, or practice, to being married. However, dating falls desperately short of being an accurate example of what marriage is actually like.  Its kind of like telling a kid that sitting on a bicycle is great practice for learning to drive a car. There are too many steps in between the two ends to describe the process accurately.

I practiced getting married too. And I’m still practicing on how to be married.  This is the one area that I am glad its participation prize event rather than a pass/fail exam. This three-legged race is hard.