Day 81

Day 81 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.

I’m pretty opposed to taking a bunch of chemicals, meds, to stay in balance. I’m opposed in the same way as I am opposed to  bras and traffic signals.  Necessary evils. Over the last year I have switched meds almost as often as my socks.  Take that which ever way you want. But it comes down to this. It is obvious that at this stage of life I need meds to keep my clock ticking, without it becoming too tightly wound or spinning out of control.

I hate feeling dependent and like a invalid; incapable of caring for myself. I want to feel independent and in charge of my life and decisions. But here’s the challenge I choose to accept. I want to re-cast this med picture into a scenario where I use my independence to choose to take meds so my quality of life, and the lives of those I interact with, is more manageable.

That lie only works some days, but on the days that it does I feel grand.