Day 80

Day 80 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.

Well, this was a day I didn’t anticipate. I was going to put a handful of meds into my purse so I was carrying them in my hand.  I walked into the kitchen saw my coffee and then, as if on automation, swished the pills.  Perhaps I was thinking it was morning, which is when I take the most meds, or was just not thinking at all.  Either way total overdose.  At minimum I took five times the recommended dose.  So, off to the Emergency Department I go.  7 hours, 2 EKG’s, a couple of naps, some oxygen and couple of lectures on pills later they decided I had slept it off and sent me home.  Mostly I was irritated at losing half a day with the kids but I was also a little scared.  I just wasn’t sure what side effects we were potentially dealing with! Either way, all is good. And on the next cold snap I am going to feign some kind of illness so I can go to the ED. They have a blanket warmer.  It’s lovely.