Day 78

Day 78 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.

I feel absolutely buried. After a week of being sick and having no energy I feel paralyzed by the fact that I am now a week behind in writing. I am buried in the cement of  my own expectation. I can’t even blame it on anybody else! Nobody is going to write and complain about my lazy ways. This blog is clearly not a matter of life or death. Its completion or continuance relies solely on my personal preference.  But I still feel like I have failed somehow. 

Failure is such a deadly force. Its heavy emotional burden drags lofty dreams and good aspirations crashing down to the earth. It’s an unnecessary gravitational pull that seems to hold us captive even though, ironically, we hold it.  We just can’t seem to let go of it. 

So, here’s to letting go. Cheers to being/doing enough. Raising my cup of tea to not catching up, leaving my sock drawer in disarray, and not even finishing this sen