Day 67

Day 67 of 100 intentional reflective steps.

Today I saw the oldest person I think I have ever seen.  He looked to be about 182. He is Psychiatrist in the new office I was visiting. I’m writing in a super small font right now just in case he comes across this blog. I don’t want him to be offended that I thought he was older than the constitution. I  was scared for a minute that this was the new doctor I was trying out. My last doctor retired, yes I’m still bitter, but he looked like a teenager compared to this chap.  

The other psychiatrist I am trying out looks to be not yet 20 years old.  I called the the other day and I swear the nurses told me she was in class. I was tempted to ask if they could pass her a note in study hall to see if I had permission to change my meds! The first time I visited her she has a “residency” book on her desk. I’m pretty sure she ripped off the bright yellow “Psychology for dummies” cover right before I came in.

The Dr. I actually did get to see today was pleasant, lovely, calm, and with the appropriate amount of dishevel to make him appear smart. He may actually make the cut. He seems the “Mama bear” version of what I need.  Not too old. Not too young. Just right.