Day 54

Day 54 of 100 intentional reflective steps.
I don’t understand parades. You stand outside in the heat, cold, and/or rain watchings other people walk by and wave. I can do that from the comfort of the mall if I wanted. Just stand and wave at people I don’t know walk by. Shoot I can enjoy a good parade from my couch like I will today! Every year we tune into the  Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade from our cozy living room, with cinnamon rolls and hot chocolate. But I love a parade. Growing up in a small town we went to every parade. I loved seeing people I knew on the floats, the marching band and in old classic cars. It was loud, crazy and fun.

It occurs to me that parade culture is a unique melting pot where the participants and observers need each other in equal measure. Both roles are needed for the whole endeavor to succeed. A parade without anybody cheering, clapping, enjoying is an awkward, solitary walk.

Today I’m mentally throwing my own parade. I’m sitting and waving with gusto and in support of my friends and family who are working hard at keeping the Church moving forward in grace, justice and wisdom. And I’m not just waving. I’m praying too. Waving and praying. This is my way of participating in the streams of life that i’m not quite “in the flow” of. And yes, they need my support as much as we all depend on their action. So, keep on marching friends. Keep marching.”