Day 41

Day 41 of 100 intentional reflective steps.
I’m tired. I have tried on 100 black dresses from 10 different stores for this upcoming wedding. 100 y’all! None of them fit right, look right, feel right, smell right, etc. Of course the beauty of this quest is that I have tried on 95 of those dresses virtually. Look at the picture, thumbs up or thumbs down and move on. It’s like being saying I’m part of the Seattle Seahawks team while I really just sit in the stands. Or like saying I have a relationship with somebody when I only connect via Facebook and have never met. Minimal personal investment with maximum benefit.  
Maybe this virtual reality thing is not so bad after all. Except that Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are really just online distorted circus mirrors. You can’t trust anybody or anything there to reflect what is actually in their minds or world. You have to show up in person to know what is real, what works, what is broken and what needs help.
My mother always said “Only believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.” I think that’s a good rule for the technological age.  
Mental break . . . I wonder when that dress is going to arrive from China?  I’m sure its the right one.