Day 30

Day 30 of 100 intentional, reflective steps.
Day 30

Damn you Ree Drummond, and Frankenstein too! 

I’m sitting minding my own business and reading Facebook, which is actually the definition of minding everybody else’s business. But that’s when I see it. An ad from Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman chef who makes everything with butter, sugar and happiness. (Think Paula Deen only country-fried instead of southern-fried and in cowboy boots!)  She is making an ice cream cake that looks delicious.  And it’s Halloween week so everything else on Facebook is sprinkled with candy and treats. But don’t you feel bad for me. I just had cauliflower. Yummy! (Indeterminate muttering of profanity)

Here in lies the problem with trying to eat right, diet, purge, abstain or cleanse.  EVERYTHING looks like the thing you aren’t supposed to have. In fact, I think I just nibbled on my dog a little thinking he was a rice crispy treat. GAK! Hairball.