Small successes are difficult to celebrate. For instance, it’s difficult to focus on the fact that my butt can now fit into a size 12 jean because all I can see is my extreme, sweaty, profanity laden attempt to squish my stomach into the front of said jeans.  The moral of the story? Success is easier to see in the rear view mirror than it is coming at you from straight on.

Celebrate the little things! Enjoy the extra five minutes you earned from working faster.  Love the fact that you can walk further before demanding resuscitation from the trainer. Forgive yourself for the extra little bit of chocolate and savor it. Re-count the small amounts of money you have saved for that project, knowing it is more than you would have if you haven’t set that intention. Don’t despair that you haven’t painted that room! Congratulation yourself that you finally found the perfect paint color.

Small steps. Little victories. Big joy.