PTF Episode #122 David Lutz – A Necessary Heretic

For those who have struggled to believe. For those who have believed and now struggle. For those who have searched for words to describe what they have come to believe.For those who have searched for words to describe what they can no longer believe.For those who have searched for the Good Parent God of Original Jesus.You are not alone. These words are for you.A Necessary Heretic explores the complex issues of our time, as well as long-standing theological ideas, through the lenses of an Original Jesus who saw God as the Good, Compassionate, More-Mature-Than-You-Can-Imagine, Parent. This book is for anyone who wants to hold onto their Christian Faith while also being free to question some of the difficult things they have been taught and told. Things which seem to go against what they increasingly see, feel, and experience. With a gentle and compassionate approach, A Necessary Heretic explores new ways of seeing through the eyes of an Original Jesus who came to set people free.

PTF Episode # 120 Joseph Bucci – Redemption Inc.

Redemption Inc. depicts compelling true accounts of broken people, both men and women, facing overwhelming circumstances who ultimately found freedom, overcame obstacles, then regained their lives and self-respect through second chances. The book chronicles persons from many different backgrounds who had a common experience: they had failed in some way or were facing a life controlling problem. They needed help overcoming that problem, and God used an agency or coach or some level of support to help them turn their lives around.

PTF Episode #117 Jennifer Hobbs – Calmed. Growth After Trauma

Jennifer is empowered by the personal growth that comes with struggle, and she inspires others to embrace their journeys as well. When she’s not teaching and immersed in her love of writing, she’s spending time with her Veteran husband, three kids, and two dogs. For more information visit