Attention Homosapiens

In my kitchen there is a sign that says “look at faces not devices”. I believe in the power of conversation, life-on-life relationship and I want our children to prioritize that.  Sure, I’m as addicted to my iPhone as the next person, but I know there is no comparable substitute to interacting with another homosapien.

In light of my convictions I find it ironic that I have gathered a team to help me establish a “media presence”. I feel as if I am only about 10 megabits away from a virtual relationship with a robot. It seems ridiculous and as useless as cyber-sex; not nearly as satisfying as the real thing. Why invest time and money to create an electronic link between myself and strangers around the world?  Where is the value in that?

I believe the value is in story. When I share my story and someone reciprocates I am validated, empowered and most importantly I don’t feel alone. I don’t write to satisfy only myself. The reason I write is to viscerally be a part of the human family. Alive, feeling, vibrant, and struggling to live each day with, if not joy, at least a modicum of desire to survive and conquer our foes.

So, with this post I am inviting readers, old and new to join me on this perilous, fumbling and deeply rewarding thing called life.  Maybe along the way we will find our identity and our destiny. Or perhaps just a little bit of solidarity. Either way, wouldn’t that be somethin’?

Life. I’ll show you mine if you’ll show me yours.  You in?