A thousand grains of gratitude

One year ago I made the decision that if I was going to be a serious writer I needed a bigger down spout for my work. I hired two ambitious, smart young men, Jake and Zen, from Bridger Collective who have pushed and encouraged me in my work. They trained the social media monster to work on my behalf. This has made a return of 1000% growth.

I am so grateful, not only to Bridger but also to all 1000 of you that joined me on my journey this year.  There has been ups and downs, laughter, snarkiness, memories and predictions of the future.  Traveling all of these roads with all of you has given me so much gratitude.  To know that I am not alone in my darkness or in the light is a more beautiful gift than any one person can hope for.

What’s next? During 2019 we will keep the blog running at jillriley.org/blog and on Facebook (@jillriley.author), sprinkle in some Twitter (@jillriley.author) and Instagram (@jillriley.author) and if all goes well there will be a published work in the hopper by this time next year. Pray for me as I continue to share the message of living a life of faith and grace with mental illness. This is an important and timely dish best shared fresh with as many people as possible.

So I end this year with a simple Thank You. Thank you for being you and letting me be me.  Thank you for being present and sharing my words with others in hopes they find the same solidarity I find being with you. Thank you.